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I had the most wonderful time spending 2018 watching these little girls grow up. Milestone Sessions are so much fun and capturing littles during the time they are changing this quickly is so important.

I met little Miss M and little Miss E during their first family photo session in the Fall of 2017 and they had already changed so much by the time they joined me for their 3 month session in early 2018.

Arlington Heights Children Baby Milestone Photography 3 Months

By the time their 6 month session arrived, their little personalities were starting show!

Arlington Heights Children Baby Milestone Photography 6 Months

9 months found them hitting so many new milestones and growing cuter by the day!

Arlington Heights Children Baby Milestone Photography 9 Months

12 months came so quickly and we moved our studio sessions outside to capture the beautiful Fall color and light of their birth month.

Thank you to the Stein Family for letting me capture these precious moments of your girl’s first year. Hope to see you guys again soon!

Today I’ll hold my baby’s hand and walk beneath the sky,
we’ll take our time and wander, and watch the robin fly.
We’ll stop along the way to smell a rose so sweet,
and leave some footprints in the dust made by tiny feet.
But those tiny feet are growing and those hands are growing too;
just yesterday it seems you were so small and new.
The memories tucked deep in my heart are the only things that last, 
For those tiny baby hands and feet will grow up much too fast.
~Author Unknown

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