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Early fall is unveiling it’s beauty and we were lucky enough to have a gorgeous sun drenched evening for the Engelmann’s fall family photos. Little V is beyond adorable and I can’t wait to get her and her mom and dad in front of my camera again sometime. 

Here are just a couple more sneaks from their session. Enjoy!

Arlington Heights Illinois Family Photographer

Every day you surprise me,
Impress and inspire me.

I loved you before I even
saw your face.

I dreamed of the fun
we’d have together
and of the tea parties we would host.

My daughter, while I can’t be with you
every step of the way,
my arms and heart are always open for you,
and I wish for you these gifts:

An ocean wide sense of wonder
and an open heart for love.

I wish for you the joy of
catching snowflakes on your tongue,
playing with best friends,
getting lost in a good book,
and time to dream.

I wish you remember to test the water first,
but know sometimes you will just need to jump in!

I wish for you the joy of giving, and forgiving,
and of giving thanks.

I wish for you to know that
you will find rainbows
even on umbrella days.

I wish for you the gift of knowing
that mistakes are part of growing.

Hurts will heal, because you’ll find
that laughter is truly the best medicine.

I treasure every time we giggle together,
Cry together, and smile together.

My daughter, you are my bright star.
You sparkle and glitter and shine.

I wish for every day to be a wonderful adventure.

There is nothing you can’t do.
I believe in you.

Dreams for My Daughter ~ Becky Kelly


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